the feeling you get after studying 1 week straight and still get a C -___-

but at least i feel like i actually tried.


dear tumblr,

It really feels like I’m losing site of why I’m doing the things I am doing. I’m at the point where it just want to finish so I’m taking short cuts… but thats the thing. 2 years ago I told myself no short cuts because the long way is the not only the best way but is the only way. When i started over at a new school I was on my A game…reading every chapter, stacks of index card, hours of studying, and living at the library and now here I am 2 years later and doing short cuts like its the only way I know. I think the reason I feel incapable of doing a good job during clinical is because I’ve lost sight of why i’m doing this. I caught myself looking up jobs i can do with a BSN degree that does’t include being a traditional nurse. I came across a person in the same situation as me! reading the different jobs was interesting but what caught my attention was a comment someone wrote “why are you even a nursing major?” & it hit me … why am? I need major reevaluating (non pun intended) before i continue this term. and i’m serious because i don’t think i’m going to make it through unless I do this now!


The happiest of hours 😁

The happiest of hours 😁

Exploring Venice 💜 #extravaganza

Exploring Venice 💜 #extravaganza

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San Francisco early 4 year anniversary 💜 💜 💜 @bryanwithawhyy #bk122010

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Pennsatucky <3

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im gonna start working on this in 10 minutes no exceptions
— me fucking lying to myself  (via sann-lykke)

Best family trip ever <3

rarely do I ever hang out with my cousins & I’m not really sure why that is… but after this trip we decided we need to hang out more often. 

ps I just realized my icon is a picture of me and my cousins on this trip <3